Sunflower Production for On-Farm Energy

Created with SARE support
University of Vermont Extension Northwest Crops and Soils Program | 2013

The following production guides, cost calculator and research reports are on sunflower production, including weed management. They were developed as part of a multi-year research project by University of Vermont Extension on growing sunflowers and canola for on-farm energy. Find research reports on canola here.

Production guides

Northeast Oilseed Production Manual.pdf 10.18 MB
VT Oilseed Cost Calculator.pdf 177.93 kB

Sunflower research reports

2009 Sunflower Report.pdf 1,010.61 kB
2011 Sunflower Planting Date Report.pdf 341.80 kB
2012 Sunflower Planting Date.pdf 548.47 kB
Sunflower Pest Scouting Protocol.pdf 139.39 kB

Tineweeding reports

2009 Tineweeding Report.pdf 769.50 kB
2010 Tineweeding Report.pdf 303.19 kB
2011 Sunflower Tineweeding Report.pdf 200.78 kB

More information is available at the oilseeds webpage maintained by the University of Vermont Extension Northwest Crops and Soils Program.

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