Producing and Marketing Saffron in Rhode Island

Rhode Island farmers are always looking for new crops to diversify their farming operations. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and could fit into the cropping cycle of many Rhode Island vegetable farms. The acreage needed to grow saffron is small, so it is a crop that could easily be grown on RI’s urban farms. However, farmers seeking to grow saffron need technical assistance in their efforts because growing saffron is very different from most crops.

A University of Rhode Island (URI) researcher has been researching saffron production at URI’s Agronomy Farm. After nine years of growing saffron in Iran and three years of saffron production in Rhode Island, he is ready to teach agricultural service providers (ASP) and local farmers about growing, harvesting, processing and marketing saffron.

With leadership from Rhode Island's state SARE coordinator, this project will extend the researcher's science-based knowledge into the farming community with the help of ASPs. Saffron production and marketing information presented at workshops, a conference, and during visits to commercial and research saffron fields.

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