New Hampshire

Northeast SARE’s network of state coordinators--housed at each land grant university throughout the region--conduct professional development programs and share information about our grant programs and other sustainable agriculture resources in their respective states.

State Contacts

Olivia Saunders

Olivia Saunders

State Coordinator
University of New Hampshire
Olivia is a Field Specialist in fruit and vegetable production in the Food and Agriculture Program at the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. In addition to working with small fruit and vegetable farmers on issues like pest and soil fertility management, cover cropping, organic production, and challenges associated with new and beginning farming, Olivia also promotes sustainable beekeeping practices to New Hampshire’s beekeeping community. She received her B.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of New Hampshire and her M.S. in Soil Science from Washington State University.

SARE in New Hampshire

Since 1988, SARE has awarded numerous grants in every state and Island Protectorate. Aimed at advancing sustainable innovations, these grants add up to an impressive portfolio of sustainable agriculture efforts across the nation.

Two people assorting pellets into four quadrants of a paper towel from a disposable cup
Participants learn bee health diagnostic techniques at New Hampshire state SARE training. Photo courtesy of Olivia Saunders.

New hampshire Impacts

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