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The grants summary  includes a project highlight, a breakdown of funding by SARE project type, the total funding for the state since 1988 and state grant recipients.

Northeast SARE’s network of state coordinators--housed at each land grant university throughout the region--conduct professional development programs and share information about our grant programs and other sustainable agriculture resources in their respective states.

State Contacts

Barbara Liedl

Barbara Liedl

State Coordinator
West Virginia State University
Barbara is an Associate Research Professor at West Virginia State University (WVSU) where she and her team work on breeding greenhouse tomatoes, developing markers for ornamental breeding, hydroponic and cut flower production, and organic/sustainable farming. In addition, Barbara works with the WVSU Extension Service to deliver workshops on cut flowers, small fruit and vegetable production and hydroponics. She earned her bachelor's degree in Horticulture from Purdue University, and her M.S. in Plant Breeding and Ph.D. in Horticulture from the University of Minnesota.
Doolarie Singh-Knights

Doolarie Singh-Knights

State Coordinator
University of West Virginia
Doolarie is an Associate Professor of Resource Economics and Management and an Extension Specialist in Agriculture and Natural Resources at the West Virginia University. Her work centers around sustainable agriculture, agribusiness and extension education. Doolarie earned her B.S. from the University of the West Indies in management studies. She holds an M.S. in production economics and a Ph.D. in natural resource economics from West Virginia University.

West Virginia State SARE Coordinator Projects:

Helping Farmers Grow their Operations by Improving Coaching and Adult Education Skills of West Virginia Agriculture Service Providers

Agricultural service providers are not traditionally trained in adult learning or coaching/facilitation skills which they could use to help the farmers they support. In West Virginia, there is also currently a rise of new community-based organizations with limited agricultural experience working with producers. All these service providers work with producers yet have limited experience in […]

West Virginia Beginning Farmer Training Program

In West Virginia, statewide local food demand is increasing, but the state faces an aging and retiring population of farmers. This project is driven by a 2014-2017 statewide “sustainable agriculture needs assessment" process, and more recent discussions in 2018-2019 with service providers and farmers, to better understand priority needs for nascent and beginning farmers (farming […]

SARE in West Virginia

Since 1988, SARE has awarded numerous grants in every state and Island Protectorate. Aimed at advancing sustainable innovations, these grants add up to an impressive portfolio of sustainable agriculture efforts across the nation.

Greenhouse production of strawberries at farmer field day in West Virginia.

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