Centering and Belonging

Welcome to Northeast SARE’s Centering and Belonging landing page. This page introduces you to our DEIJ work and directs you to additional resources.

Our DEIJ efforts seek to expand engagement with communities that have not fully benefited from our programs in the past. After considering extensive data on the types of organizations and projects we’ve funded, it became clear that some groups of people and some types of topics were frequently funded, and others were not. In response, we are developing programs and procedures to make our programs more accessible and inviting, especially to new participants.

DEIJ includes anti-racism work—removing barriers to participation by People of Color--AND it includes work to remove barriers to participation by other groups we have not fully engaged, such as farmers without internet access, people from “different” cultures, organizations with limited administrative capacity, etc.

Our DEIJ efforts align with the national SARE program’s mission to advance – to the whole of American agriculture – innovations that improve profitability, stewardship and quality of life by investing in groundbreaking research and education.

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