AC Approves Pause to Redesign Programs

August 22, 2022

Northeast SARE’s Administrative Council has approved a one-year pause in four of our seven regional grant programs. The purpose of the pause is to increase our capacity to work on implementation of Northeast SARE's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) strategic plan. 

The following four grant programs will pause by not releasing calls for proposals in 2023: Partnership, Professional Development, Research and Education, and Research for Novel Approaches.

The Farmer Grant program will not pause, and State Coordinators will continue to serve through the noncompetitive State Program. All of our grant programs will be examined and improved during the pause to make them more accessible.

Calls for proposals for the four paused grant programs are expected to resume in 2024. Stay tuned to future Innovations newsletters, our web site, and social media for more information on the DEIJ Strategic Plan, how to get involved with our DEIJ working groups, and other grant resources.

Topics: Sustainable Communities
Related Locations: Northeast