The grants summary  includes a project highlight, a breakdown of funding by SARE project type, the total funding for the state since 1988 and state grant recipients.

Northeast SARE’s network of state coordinators–housed at each land grant university throughout the region–conduct professional development programs and share information about our grant programs and other sustainable agriculture resources in their respective states.

State Contacts

Beth Holtzman

Beth Holtzman

State SARE Coordinator
University of Vermont Extension
(802) 476-2003
Beth is the coordinator of the New Farmer Project and Women’s Agricultural Network at the University of Vermont Extension. She has worked on several SARE projects in the past, including two professional development projects that helped Extension educators and other agricultural service providers help beginning farmers launch and build sustainable farm businesses. Beth has been conducting sustainable agriculture outreach and education since 1992 for a variety of nonprofit organizations. She has a M.S. degree in Public Administration from the University of Vermont.

Vermont State SARE Coordinator Project:

Improving Sustainable Agriculture Programs in Vermont through Enhanced Evaluation Capacity and Needs Assessment

While the majority of Vermont’s sustainable agriculture programming is well-received and well-attended by the farming community, agricultural service providers (ASPs) have identified evaluation as a priority professional development topic. Many indicated that they struggle to develop effective and efficient evaluation processes and tools that both meet funders’ reporting requirements and that can help identify approaches […]

SARE in Vermont

Since 1988, SARE has awarded numerous grants in every state and Island Protectorate. Aimed at advancing sustainable innovations, these grants add up to an impressive portfolio of sustainable agriculture efforts across the nation.

University of Vermont Extension educators learn about social sustainability from Vermont farmers.

Vermont impacts

in funding since 1988
280 projects
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