Farmers and their Technical Advisors

All Northeast SARE Farmer Grant projects must enlist a technical advisor who provides a signed letter of commitment to the Farmer Grant applicant explaining their expertise and role(s) in assisting with the project. Technical advisors provide a range of expertise--including outreach, project concept and design, and general consultation--to Farmer Grant projects, depending upon the specific needs of the farmer applicant and their project. Learn more in our Guide for Farmer Grant Technical Advisors.

Meet Farmers and their Technical Advisors

The folllowing videos provide some examples of the collaborations between Northeast SARE Farmer Grant recipients and their technical advisors.

Farmer Grantee Dorn Cox and Technical Advisor Rich Smith

This video features Dorn Cox of Westwick Farming LLC and his technical advisor, Rich Smith of the University of New Hampshire, as they discuss Dorn's Farmer Grant, "Organic No-till Establishment of Hairy Vetch as a Cover Crop into Hay Sod and Sensitivity to Carbon Amendments."

Farmer Grantee Elizabeth Mulholland and Technical Advisor Alex MacDonald

This video features Elizabeth Mulholland of Valley View Farm and her technical advisor, Alex MacDonald of the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture, as they discuss Elizabeth's Farmer Grant, "Mas-D-Tec Mastitis Tool for Dairy Goats."

Farmer Grantee John Lastowka and Technical Advisor George Hamilton

This video features John Lastowka of Lastowka's Maple Gate Farm and his technical advisor, George Hamilton of the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, as they discuss John's Farmer Grant, "Seedless Table Grape Variety Evaluation Grown on VSP Training System."

Farmer Grantee Dan Kaplan and Technical Advisor Ruth Hazzard

This video features Dan Kaplan of Brookfield Farm and project co-leader Larry Manire of Databasics with project technical advisor, Ruth Hazzard of the University of Massachusetts Cooperative Extension, as they discuss their project, "Evaluation of Inexpensive Wireless Sensor Networks for Managing Small Vegetable Farms."