Learn about the 2024 Northeast SARE Farmer Grant Projects

April 29, 2024

Thirty-two projects taking place in the Northeast region will receive a total $779,758 in funding through the 2024 Northeast SARE Farmer Grant program. SARE's Project Database is publicly accessible, which means you can follow along with these sustainable agriculture projects taking place in your community.


FNE24-085 - Nutrient Replacement Strategies for Hydroponics

William and Nathaniel Heiden, Levo International, Inc. - $29,084

FNE24-099 - Flail Mowing as a Viable No-till Method of Transitioning from Overwintered Cover Crops to Summer Planted Cucurbits

Janna Siller, Adamah - $7,500


FNE24-074 - Testing a Novel Zip-line/Curtain Netting Exclusion System for Protection of Perennial Berries from Birds/Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD)

Anson Biller, Full Fork Farm - $29,922

FNE24-082 - Co-Culture of Green Sea Urchins and American Oysters

Lauren Gray, Cranberry Oysters - $27,000

FNE24-083 - A Closer Look to Guide Farm Use of Tree/Shrub Silages: Per-Species & Ensilement Analyses for Safe, Nutritious Rationing, plus Replicable Trial Results

Shana Hanson, 3 Streams Farm - $29,725

FNE24-093 - Innovative Incorporation of Green Sea Urchins on Seaweed Farms: Optimizing Uni Yields and Flavor Profiles for Harvest and Sale

Sarah Redmond, Springtide Seaweed, LLC - $30,000


FNE24-090 - Maryland Land Ownership: Oral Histories Project

Nia Nyamweya, Beauty Blooms LLC - $18,700

FNE24-104 - Using a High Tunnel to Increase Fig Tree Yield in Maryland and Conserving Local Fig Germplasm

Miaochan Zhi, Cuimei Xu, Thousand Springs Orchard $29,945


FNE24-077 - Forest Mushroom Production On Ready-to-Fruit Blocks

Willie Crosby, Fungi Ally - $29,288

FNE24-078 - Harmony in the Soil: Uncovering Principles for the Design of Self-Sustaining Beneficial Agricultural Ecosystems

Lisa Evans, We Grow Microgreens, LLC - $29,727

FNE24-079 - Empowering Youth to Cultivate Sustainable Small-Scale Farms in Low-Income Housing Developments

Rachel French, Open Farms Retreat - $29,801

FNE24-094 - Is Wintering Locally Adapted Queen Bees in Bulk in Climate Controlled Storage a Viable Climate Change Adaptation for Northeast Beekeepers?

Angela Roell, They Keep Bees (Formerly Yard Birds Farm & Apiary) - $30,000

FNE24-097 - Determining Optimal Tumbling Schedule to Shape Petite Oysters in Highly Productive Waters and Access New Markets

Noah Scheffer, Little Minnow Oyster Company - $29,865

New Hampshire

FNE24-075 - Winter-Kill Cover-Cropping for Erosion Control in Mechanically-Cultivated Organic Garlic

Max Blindow, Benedikt Dairy - $6,218

New Jersey

FNE24-072 - Combating Extreme Climate Events in High Tunnel Raspberry Production While Analyzing Methods for Organic Weed Control

Rebekah Alstede Modery, Alstede Farms LLC - $30,000

FNE24-087 - Evaluating Local Cut Flowers for the December Holidays: Horticultural Best Practices, Marketability, and Profitability

Rebecca Kutzer-Rice, Moonshot Farm, LLC $29,825

FNE24-091 - Potential Influence of Phytoplankton Communities on the Growth of Farmed M. mercenaria in Southern New Jersey: A Pilot Study

Dale Parsons, Colleen Ebert, Parsons Seafood and Mariculture - $24,759

FNE24-092 - Farming To Improve Health, Increase Education and Promote Food Access Among Underserved Farmers, Students, and Adults Near Food Desert, Camden, NJ.

Cyara Phillips, Muhammad Khan, Tuba Farm Foundation - $15,011

FNE24-096 - Ginger Production in the Northeast: Increasing Profitability and Success with Intercropping in Variable Growing Environments

Alex Sawatzky, Rutgers University - $20,907

New York

FNE24-071 - The Economic & Soil Health Implications of Transitioning to No-Till on an Organic Mixed Vegetable Farm

Carlos Aguilera, West Haven Farm - $29,751

FNE24-081 - Grain and Vegetable Production in a Rotationally-Grazed, Pasture-Dominant Ley System: Implications for Soil Health, Soil Microbiome, and Forage

Elijah Goodwin, Stone Barns Center - $30,000

FNE24-098 - Assessing Health, Efficiency and Profitability of Growing and Finishing Beef x Dairy Cattle on a New York Feedlot/Farm

Jason Schenck, Minturn Farms - $24,176

FNE24-100 - Sorghum and Soil Health: Evaluating a Climate-Smart Crop and a Field Monitoring Tool Kit by a Small Farm Network in the Hudson Valley

Brooke Singer, White Feather Farm - $29,998

FNE24-102 - Improving Apis mellifera Breeding Quality by Swarm Impulse Manipulation

Shelley Stuart, HoneyApple Hill - $8,468


FNE24-073 - Building a Resilient Local Fiber Flax Seed Source to Support Pennsylvania's Re-Emerging Flax to Linen Industry

Emma de Long, Heidi Barr, Kneehigh Farm - $28,994

FNE24-080 - Climate-Smart Agriculture and Cold Storage Practices: Exploring Sustainable Solutions for Honey Bee Conservation

Mark Gingrich, Gingrich Apiaries, LLC - $29,475

FNE24-084 - Evaluating the Efficacy of Contour-Based Silvopasture Plantings with Grassed Terraces for Water Retention

Dylan Heagy, Still Wagon Farm - $19,275

FNE24-101 - Could the Addition of Bleach to Sugar Syrup for the Prevention of Black Mold be Remunerative for Beekeepers in the Northeast U.S.?

Adam Strickland, Strickland Honey Farms LLC - $5,838

Rhode Island

FNE24-095 - Effect of Row Spacing on Garlic Yield, Quality and Net Returns

Aaron Rome, Rome Specialties, Inc. (DBA: "Saunderstown Garlic Farm") - $7,559


FNE24-086 - Inoculated Deep Litter System for Cold Climates

Richard Klein, Klein Family LLC - $29,010

FNE24-089 - Selective Harvesting of Male and Female Fiber Hemp Plants and Water Retting Experiments for the Production of High-Quality, Long-Line Hemp Bast Fiber

Andrea Myklebust, Mountain Heart Farm - $29,938

West Virginia

FNE24-103 - Reeling for Results: Biochar & Fish Hydrolysate Netting Crop Growth

Christian Williams, West Virginia Food & Farm Coalition - $29,999

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