Solar-Clips Series Shines Light on Photovoltaics

March 23, 2022
Project leader Drew Schiavone went above and beyond to create a series of videos exploring specific aspects of solar panel installation.

University of Maryland extension has created a catalogue of videos that are a great resource for farmers or anyone else looking to install solar panels

Northeast SARE grantees share their experience, insights, and stories in a variety of ways. As project leader for ENE20-165, Drew Schiavone from University of Maryland went above and beyond to create a collection of videos with practical walkthroughs related to solar panel installation. The Solar-Clips series is straight-to-the-point, with each video diving into an aspect of hands-on work with solar panels.

“This set of videos is like everything you need to know about farm-based solar installation all in one place. I learn something new and interesting every time," Northeast SARE Grant Coordinator Nevin Dawson said.

According to Dawson, the Solar-Clips video series was not part of the initial project proposal, which included a webinar, but Schiavone saw a need and created a solution.

“Taken together with the webinar series - which is pretty standard - I think the two are pretty powerful,” he said. “Informational products are important to farmers because they are busy people. They can’t take time out of their day to attend events, especially in the growing season. These products allow farmers to learn on their own schedule.”

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