DE/MD Joint State SARE Coordinator Projects

Current Project

Cover Crop and Soil Health Training for Agriculture Service Providers in Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland

This project, organized as a joint effort between Delaware State University Cooperative Extension and University of Maryland-Eastern Shore, will continue efforts begun in 2014, running from 2017 to 2020. Based on continued strong interest among service providers, the project is offering education through workshops, field days and information resources about use of cover crops for soil health, nutrient management, erosion control and other benefits. Service providers who are newer to the topics are receiving more introductory level information and concept fundamentals. Service providers with more experience are improving their knowledge of current research and management techniques, their understanding of the range of options available for cover cropping, and their abilities to adapt and customize advice for individual farm situations.

See the project report for more information.

Recently Completed Project

Cover Crops and Soil Health & Beekeeping and Attracting Pollinators

This Delaware and Maryland Eastern Shore joint initiative, begun in 2014, trained Extension educators, NRCS and conservation district employees, consultants and farmers about suitable cover crops species, management strategies and the fertility, soil health, environmental and financial benefits of cover crops in grain and vegetable rotations. Ag service providers who received training in workshops, demonstrations and a Northeast SARE regional cover crops training event were supported in hosting their own cover crops education programs for farmers.

The initiative also taught Extension and university educators, State Departments of Agriculture personnel, other ag interested service providers and beekeepers about beekeeping best management practices based on current research-based recommendations, methods for increasing overwintering, honey production, extraction and marketing via workshops and hands-on demonstrations. 

See the project report for more information.