New Hampshire State SARE Coordinator Projects


Current Project

Tech-Transfer for New Hampshire Beekeepers

The project, which runs from 2017 to 2020, responds to the need for improved education and diagnostic services for beekeepers by working with the New Hampshire State Beekeepers Association, beekeeping club leaders, and Extension educators to develop a core New Hampshire beekeeping curriculum that incorporates effective adult learning techniques for use in beekeeping courses, and to develop a network of 10 individuals (one in each county) who are trained in diagnosis of bee pests and diseases and equipped with microscopes. The project also aims to increase the number of northern-raised queens available in the state by teaching beekeepers how to breed queens and pairing trainees with beekeeper mentors who are experienced with queen bee breeding.

See the project report for more information.

Recently Completed Project

Increasing capacity to assist NH farmers in legal and regulatory awareness

New Hampshire agricultural service providers reported that they are increasingly receiving requests for assistance from producers on how to comply with state and federal regulations.  Helping farmers understand and navigate the many regulations that affect the production, productivity and profitability of their farm businesses is essential for ensuring the sustainability and viability of farming in NH. 

This three year initiative, begun in 2014, helped service providers increase knowledge, skill and confidence to provide education to farmers about federal and state regulations and laws that affect their operations. Topics included understanding which agency oversees particular rules and regulations, labeling requirements, on-farm processing, food safety/HAACP, right to farm laws, weights and measure rules, labor laws, zoning, and more.

See the project report for more information.