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group of people training sheep on a farm in news maine-leads-project-using-winter-ecology-to-manage-small-ruminant-parasites

Maine leads project using winter ecology to manage small ruminant parasites

For many small ruminant operations, grazing is central to farm profitability. However, grazing livestock increases risks of losses due to parasite-infested pastures. Haemonchus contortus, Barber pole worm, is a particular threat to sheep and goat farms throughout the Northeast region. Although H. contortus (as a subtropical parasite) has adapted to northern climates, Jim Weber of […]

researcher studying the leaf of a tomato plant with news umd-student-studies-the-intersection-of-food-safety-and-irrigation-water

UMD student studies the intersection of food safety and irrigation water

Salmonella enterica is the most common cause of foodborne illness in the United States. Since Salmonella has been a food safety concern for vegetables produced on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with surface water and sediments identified as possible reservoirs for these bacteria, University of Maryland student Angela Ferelli conducted a Northeast SARE Graduate Student […]