21st Century Pastured Poultry

Created with SARE support
Nichki Carangelo | 2019 | 48 pages

21st-Century Pastured Poultry is a fully illustrated and photographed management guide for new and established farmers of every scale. It was designed as a comprehensive resource for farmers seeking to develop, expand or improve a pastured poultry enterprise.

Using Joel Salatin’s Pastured Poultry Profit$ as a guide, author Nickhi Carangelo set forth to produce an updated enterprise guide that takes into account recent pastured poultry improvements, contemporary production costs and current market trends.

Through her poultry operation at Letterbox Farm Collective in the Hudson Valley New York, Nichki found that a well-managed, modern pastured poultry enterprise can perform profitably, despite an overall downward trend in the American agricultural industry.

The guide uses data from the pastured poultry operation at Letterbox Farm Collective and also draws on information from other farmers.

Chapters include:

  • The Basics of Poultry Husbandry
  • Choosing Your Production Method
  • Labor Economics
  • Processing Your Chickens
  • Selling Your Chickens
  • Building Your Operating Budget

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