A Guide to Sharing Farm Equipment

A Tool-sharing Toolkit for Farmers, Cooperators, and Organizers of Shared Equipment Pools

Created with SARE support
Faith Gilbert | 2018 | 43 pages

Hudson Valley New York farmer Faith Gilbert of Letterbox Farm Collective wrote this guide for farmers, service providers, cooperators, and organizers of shared equipment pools. The guide covers an array of practical concerns for equipment sharing. Contents include case studies, a review of different ownership and management arrangements, financial considerations, annotated budgets, sample fee structures, legal considerations, operational concerns and best practices, and annotated legal documents for forming a tool-sharing initiative.

Table of Contents

  1. Project Profiles: Types of Equipment
    1. Tool Lending Networks
    2. Direct Co-Ownership
    3. Shared Equipment Businesses
    4. Equipment Co-operatives
    5. Programs of State or Federal Agency
    6. Programs of a Non-Profit Agency (NGO)
  2. Designing Your Equipment Sharing Program
    1. Equipment and Services
    2. Financial Feasibility & Planning
    3. Ownership
    4. Operations
  3. Organizers Toolkit
    1. Equipment Checklist
    2. Equipment Needs Survey
    3. Equipment Use Agreement
  4. Resources
  5. Notes

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