Edible Weeds on Farms

Northeast Farmer's Guide to Self-Growing Vegetables

Created with SARE support
Tusha Yakovleva | 2020 | 98 pages

Tusha Yakovleva of Found Wild in New York's Hudson Valley authored this resource guide for wild edible plants on cultivated soils.

Edible weeds are nourishing, resilient, and yet often maligned crops. Yakovleva encourages readers to see "weeds" in a new light -- as ways to provide supplemental income, offer novel flavors and phytonutrients, increase biodiversity and improve soil, and even strengthen communities.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Part One: Weeds and Farms
    • Agricultural Weeds, A Brief History of What We Forgot
    • Weeds as Food
    • Weeds versus Farms
  • Part Two: Edible Weeds on Farms
    • Gifts of Edible Weeds
    • Gathering Weeds
    • Weeding for Market
    • Livelihood from a Weed
    • Safety and Legality
    • Community Services of Edible Weeds
  • Part Three: Learning
    • Meet the Weeds
    • Recipes for Market
    • Edible Weeds Coloring Book
    • Resources

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